1. Sign the client's confidential disclosure agreement (CDA) and receive orientation to the client.

2. Develop a strategic approach into Japan/Asia with the client. Research additional market, pricing and competitive intelligence in Asia if beneficial in solidifying the entry/strategy. Develop and manage an overall partnering timeline.

3. Develop with the client an executive promotional introduction, slides, video, etc. for the Asia audience.

4. Prepare an initial list of Japan/Asia target candidates and review with the client.

5. Forward the client's introduction and opportunity description (above 3) to the target partners (above 4).

6. Arrange appointments with interested target candidates, conduct Asian cultural orientation for the client, escort client to each presentation meeting and facilitate/coach client in conducting presentations and discussions. (Mr. Tanaka is fluent in basic conversational Japanese.)

7. Review the Japan/Asia trip results (above 6) with the client and interpret the degree of interest of candidates.

8. Organize scientific due diligence meetings in Japan/Asia and here with candidates from above 7.2.

9. As necessary, prepare a list of additional Japan/Asia candidates. Review it with the client and follow through as in above 5, 6, and 7.

10. Develop all basic business terms and conditions with the client. Present to appropriate candidate companies in Japan/Asia. Assist the client to efficiently negotiate and achieve mutual agreement on the term sheet.

11. Serve as a third party "sounding board" in both directions between client and each Japan/Asia candidate. (An intermediary role long practiced in Asia.)

12. Resolve miscommunications and different cultural perspectives (Japan's consensus decision-making style) during impasses and refine terms.

13. Assist attorneys to resolve final legal issues and coordinate signing of the final, definitve agreement. Advise the client in Japan/Asia signing ceremonies, gift exchanges, speeches, international press releases and foreign language interviews, and official celebratory reception.